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Nirvana CBD Review

Founded in 2017, Nirvana CBD was created by a team of friends and family. The focus of this business is natural relaxation and alternative treatment. This Nirvana CBD review covers their extensive product line and company mission.¬† CBD is “a modern emerging industry” that could affect how the world is medically treated. The seriousness of how CBD can change the world is apparent to the owners of this business. All of their hemp is grown in Colorado and Oregon, and manufactured in California. Unlike some CBD companies that have up to 0.3% THC in their final product, Nirvana removes 100% leaving 0% THC in their products.

Nirvana CBD has risen to the top as a trustworthy CBD distributor because of their dedication to the industry. Nirvana sponsors numerous athletes including Pro BMX riders and Muay Thai fighters. After a review of the list of athletes, most of them claim to use Nirvana’s products as a pain reliever after a tough work out.

Product Range:

You will find everything you need at Nirvana CBD! From the usual products like tinctures, soft-gels, and gummies all the way to shots and lotions. Their packaging is absolutely beautiful and eye-catching. All of their lab testings have their own webpage, so it’s easy to find.


Tinctures are a staple in the CBD industry because they are easy to take and dose. Among other brands, there are a lot of people complaining about sour tastes and lackluster effects. After reading many reviews on Nirvana CBD, customers seem to be ecstatic about how tasty but not overwhelming the flavors are. Other customers also mentioned feeling better and noticing a difference in their pain. This is proof that double-checking reviews of these products from CBD companies is so important. MCT is the carrier oil for all tinctures at Nirvana because it works so well with CBD.

  • CBD VANILLA TINCTURE – 500MG & 1000MG: A common compliant most tinctures users have is why their tincture is so sour or foul-tasting. No worries here! This rich and creamy vanilla tincture if exactly what you asked for. This bottle comes in both 500MG and 1000MG and has no weird after-taste. Comes in many other flavors too, such as grapefruit, strawberry, peppermint.


Gummies, the most delicious form of CBD, are also the most discrete way to dose. Most companies put out jars with 5mg per piece, but Nirvana has single-dose packs at 25mg! While Nirvana’s formulation includes a light corn syrup rather than a healthier oil, you definitely get a better flavor out of these. Real fruit terpenes round out a fantastic flavor. Looking at the reviews, these gummies have the most five stars you have seen. Everything from pain to anxiety and they are at the right price.

  • CBD GUMMIES – 500MG: One of the few CBD gummies jars that have a good size per dose. At 25mg per gummy, there are 20 of them, making them only $2 per. These are super sweet and sugary, made with real fruit terpenes. You will find a flavor you love among pineapple, watermelon, grape, green apple, and strawberry.


Topicals are cream, ointments, and sprays that go on top of the skin to provide pain relief and help with skincare. Products include a muscle recovery lotion that helps active athletes relieve pain and a roll-on. According to the reviews, people are using this right after an injury to help with the pain. The large doses of CBD in these products seem to create a better effect for those who have tried it. Nirvana also has an interesting tool that helps you rub in the creams, lotions, and roll-ons called an RYKY Muscle Roller. This amazing device is a self-massaging and hand-held. Made with natural materials and stainless steel balls.

The Good:

  • Nirvana offers every product you’re looking for
  • The doses of gummies are 25mg
  • ¬†Shipping is fast

The Bad

  • Nirvana still uses corn syrup in their gummies
  • The products are not vegetarian

The Bottom Line:

Nirvana is one of the few companies that offer products that have 25mg gummy doses. Most of the reviews are raving how good they are, which is very hard to find. Their addition of the hand-held roller makes their topicals easier to use because they apply the topicals better than if you were to apply them without a tool. The introduction of one-shot tinctures and one-piece gummies are great for first time users, making trying their product easier without having to buy a whole container. Overall, this brand is considered the best for those just trying CBD to those looking for a permanent solution.

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