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Joy Organics Brand Review

Joy Organics is the epitome of a family business based on “innovation and excellence”. The owner and creator, Joy, began her journey searching for a solution to her insomnia and other issues. Like most of us CBD users, she found that some of the brands she tried did not deliver the positive effects she expected. With a maternal sense and love for humanity, she decided to start a CBD business whose purpose was to give service and product that matched its results. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, she had a team of digital agency owners and the owner of a leading metabolic health company.

Her experience and assistance from family have guided her to create a brand that speaks to CBD users everywhere.

Joy Organics educates the CBD user with a page complete with information about how her CBD is farmed, processed, and delivered to you. Her transparency in her methods is paramount when shopping for the best CBD the market has to offer. She proves her intention to offer the best service by giving you a direct number on her contact page.

She also offers a chat feature for those of us who are impatient!

Product Range:

Joy Organics offers the typical CBD lineup: tinctures, gummies & soft-gels. They also have some exciting methods of dosage that will make you think twice about how you take CBD! Joy Organics offers an Energy Drink Mix, Bath Bombs, and Dog Treats!


Tinctures are a fantastic way to begin a journey into CBD. Easy to take and often delicious with respect to Joy Organic’s range of flavors. Tinctures also offer the easiest way to dosage, with a measured dropper included in every size. Joy Organics uses “broad-spectrum oil” which leaves other cannabinoids (minus the THC) to encourage the “entourage effect”. This ensures that you receive all the benefits cannabis has to offer without the high. To ensure customers who are trying to avoid THC can feel comfortable taking Joy Organics Tinctures, any trace of THC will go through an extraction process by a third-party lab.

  • Joy Organics Premium CBD Oil: Made with Organic MCT Oil and essentials oils for This quick-acting THC-free oil makes dosage easy with a measured dropper. Flavors include Tranquil Mint, Natural, Summer Lemon, and Orange Bliss. There is also a variety of sizes including 450mg, 900mg, and 1350mg.


Gummies are a delicious introduction to CBD because they are basically candy! All gummies are not created equal. Some companies use corn syrup and are full of sugar, negating some of the health benefits. Joy Organics are made completely vegan, gluten-free, and even come in a BPA-free jar. BPA is a harmful component of plastic recently discovered to possibly cause cancer and other diseases. Dosage is very important for gummies, some companies only give you 5mg per serving when most people would need at least 10mg to feel any effect. Joy Organics CBD Gummies contain 10mg per piece, so you are free to take only half if you want. Gummies are an easy and discrete way to take CBD without lighting up.

  • Joy Organics CBD Gummies: Made with healthy alternatives like organic tapioca syrup and organic cane Every jar comes with 30 gummies that are convenient to ingest anywhere. Flavors include strawberry lemonade and green apple.

Softgels & CBD Capsules

Softgels are an easy-to-swallow and discrete form of CBD. Joy Organics takes it a step further by using water-soluble nanoemulsion technology. Nano is very small size and the emulsion is the most two “unmixable” items that can come together. Most other CBD brand particles are 40% larger than Joy Organics. This means that the bioavailability (the amount of actual CBD your body will absorb) will be much lower from other brands. This is an issue with many CBD brands and is what Joy Organics strives to solve. The owner dealt with similar issues and that is why Joy Organics exists, to give a solution to this problem to CBD users.

  • Joy Organics CBD Soft Gels: Each container has 10 mg for each serving because this dosage is the lowest you can take while still receiving an effect. You can take these at the beginning of the day, or try the soft-gels with melatonin (a popular sleep aid) at night for a restful sleep. They also offer a soft-gel made with Cumin because this spice is commonly used in India known to help with inflammation.


  • A family run business owned by a woman who has had the same struggles as most new CBD
  • All products are vegan, gluten-free, and corn syrup-free, therefore you can get the healthiest version of
  • Joy Organics offers payment plans for all their products, so you can get your months worth of CBD without paying for it all at once


  • Offers many products but doesn’t offer any vapes or smokeables
  • While Joy Organics offers different types of products, there are very few

The Bottom Line

Many CBD brands claim to use third-party labs to test their product, but Joy Organics links their lab results on the product page of every product. The company shows its involvement in the community and therefore proves their dedication to the mission with charitable work and excellent customer service. Joy Organics uses healthy alternatives instead of cheap ingredients, making their product more effective and more health-conscious.

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