bioRemedies MD Review

  • Committed to natural ingredients and high-quality oils
  • High-quality standards, 3rd party testing, and stringent quality control
  • Offers a wide range of products including topicals, sublingual drops, and pet treats


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bioRemedies MD Review

In this bioRemedies MD Review, we find this company located at the University of Maryland’s BioPark. bioRemedies MD makes full-spectrum CBD oil products enriched with terpenes and essential oils. bioRemedies MD CBD products focus on the natural chemistry of not just CBD oil and they also focus on terpenes and other pure ingredients. This brand is focused on quality and on the wellness aspects of CBD. Their motto is “be well, stay kind.”

This site is a wonderful source of information about terpenes and other CBD topics. Be sure to check out their blog posts and educational articles on CBD. This will help you make better decisions when choosing a CBD product. Also, check out our blog post “5 Tips for Buying CBD Oil”.

bioRemedies MD review Product Range

bioRemedies MD offers many salves and skin care products. Half of them are for sports relief and the other is for relaxation.  The showstoppers of the product line are rollerballs and cream. Their healing balm is for skin conditions such as eczema.  They also offer a few tinctures in two different flavors and strain types. Their pets line includes tinctures and actual treats. Tinctures come formulated for dogs and cats separately. This is important because dogs’ and cats’ digestive systems are so completely different that they need special formulation.


bioRemedies MD provides both full-spectrum and CBD-isolate tincture.  They offer a Sativa and an Indica version of their peppermint and “plain jane” flavors. They offer 10ml and 30ml bottles so you can get the proper dosage. Their flavorless tinctures are made with 0% THC and have 500mg in a small 10ml bottle. The most important part of using MCT oil instead of vegetable glycerine or propylene glycol is that these may lead to lung inflammation. It does this by releasing carcinogens when heated.

  • Just CBD Sativa: They offer a Sativa and an Indica version of their peppermint and “plain jane” flavors. They offer 10ml and 30ml bottles so you can get the proper dosage.

bioRemedies MD Topicals

The superstars of the topical product line are rubCBD and rolCBD. These are bioRemedies specially formulated line of creams and rollerballs. They come in sport and nonsport. The nonsport ones are great for mild to moderate pain and the sports for is for those who have heavy workout regimens. Each set comes in two varieties. One is a cool rub that has aloe vera in the ingredients to create a cooling sensation for sore muscles. The regular cream is smooth and calming with the same natural ingredients without the aloe vera. The rollerballs are an easy and mobile relief option made with MCT oil, vitamin-e, and full-spectrum CBD.

  • rubCBD: Made with organic hemp driver CBD oil. bioRemedies created their own proprietary terpene formula that works synergistically with the CBD. All ingredients are organic and come in three scents: wintergreen, lavender, and unscented.


bioremedies MD pet line has both tinctures and dog treats. They make treats formulated for dogs and cats separately, therefore you can get the right formula for your pet. bioRemedies formulate the tinctures and treat with animals’ health in mind. The tinctures have MCT oil, full-spectrum hemp-seed oil, and calming terpenes. For cats, they have oral drops to help with anxiety.

  • petCBD – Calm and Composed Dog Treats: protein-based and grain-free treats. 5mg of CBD plus
    Valerian Root, Lavender, and L-Tryptophan. Yes, that is the ingredient in turkey that makes humans tired, it also works on dogs. These are safely made in the USA.

The Good

  • BioRemedies MD CBD doesn’t include any artificial flavors, colors, or ingredients.
  • Their sublingual drops are of the highest quality and deliver a lot of CBD in a small dosage.
  •  All of their CBD oils are made from organic hemp grown in the US.



The Bad

  • The “Laboratory chemist” approach they use is confusing to new CBD users.

The Bottom Line

Their testing standards and process are at the top of the current industry and they’re committed to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) quality standards. BioRemediesMD makes excellent topical CBD products and sublingual CBD products which offer essential oils and terpenes that work in synergy with the CBD. Their 1000mg sublingual CBD drops are one of the purest, highest-dose-in-a-small-package products on the market. They also offer a 1000 mg CBD ultra-strength balm that looks and smells a little bit “weedy” but packs a great CBD punch.

Customer Reviews



Verified Buyer
02 Jul 2019

BioRemediesMD has some of the best CBD products that I have tried and I've tried quite a few of them. Keep offering great products and I'll be a customer for life



Verified Buyer
06 Aug 2019

the peppermint flavor is awesome. I've been using the addCBD peppermint sativa for a few months and really like it.



Verified Buyer
19 Jul 2019

very very good CBD. I especially like the addCBD Just CBD – Sativa. It helps me relax my anxiety during the day



Verified Buyer
19 Jul 2019

I love this company



Verified Buyer
01 Aug 2019

BioRemediesMD rubs have really helped my aching knees. Oh and my dog is much calmer since I began giving her their "Calm and Composed Dog Treats"