bioRemedies rubCBD Lavender

  • Soothes muscle pain and soreness.
  • Smells great, but still not too strong.
  • Relief lasts for hours.


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bioRemedies rubCBD Lavender Review [2020]

Can CBD be absorbed through the skin? I’ve never heard of bioRemedies as a company, are they worth checking out? Can bioRemedies rubCBD Lavender relieve my pain and inflammation?

bioRemedies rubCBD Lavender Overview

Nobody would fault you’ve never heard of bioRemedies. They’re not a small company nor a brand new one. But for some reason they aren’t getting the attention that they deserve.
bioRemedies works a little differntly compared to other CBD brands. They don’t do CBD infused gummy bears or milkshakes. Instead, they focus on making the highest-quality CBD for people that depend on its therapeutic effects.
This CBD Rub with Lavender is probably the most exotic product they offer. And just like the others, it works and it’s super effective.
It starts with using some of the most concentrated CBD oil on the market. They’ve developed a CBD oil that contains 500mg of CBD per 10ml of liquid. Meaning this cream can do some serious heavy-lifting.
For comparison’s sake, other companies have concentrations less than half that.
The CBD tinkering doesn’t end there. bioRemedies had their team of scientists hack the chemical make-up of CBD. They can’t tell you how because that’s one of their trade secrets. But what they can say is that this CBD is rich with phytonutrients, anti-oxidants and has a modified structure that allows it to be absorbed through the skin more easily.

Some things we 💚

  • Phytonutrient-rich CBD: Not only is their CBD oil more concentrated than anything else on the market. But bioRemedies basically reinvented the molecule to be more effective as a cream. That means CBD reaches the innermost layers of your skin to soothe even the deepest aches and pains. All the while spoiling your skin with nutrients and hydration.
  • Infused with Terpenes: Terpenes enhance the effects of CBD while providing a host of other health benefits. bioRemedies infuses their cream with a special blend designed to revitalize your skin.
  • Sweet Lavender: Not only does it smell good, it promotes a sense of calm both mentally and physically. So the CBD takes care of the pain, but the lavender adds that extra little bit of soothing for your soul.
  • All-natural & Vegan: Offering alternatives to western pharmaceuticals is a core value of bioRemedies. They believe that the balance between man-made and mother nature is uneven. They want to shift the scales so every single ingredient is atleast 95% derived from the earth (not made in a lab).
  • Attention to Detail: Every single one of those ingredients was included for a very specific purpose. Sativa seed oil brightens your skin. Rosemary leaf oil locks in moisture. Lemon balm oil regenerates skin cells, etc. etc.
  • Immediate Relief: Perfect for achy joints and sore muscles. This rub absorbs quickly and isn’t too greasy.

All-Natural, All-Organic, All-Vegan, All Purposeful.


What does bioRemedies’ Rub CBD with Lavender Smell Like?

50% of the aroma is lavender. The other half consists of this earthy soil, light rain, tropical bouquet of freshness.
In a word, it smells “clean.” It wasn’t designed to smell all day – It’s primary purpose is to heal your body.

Best Used For

  • Athletes will love this cream a whole lot. Whether you’re an amateur playing in the rec-league or an Olympic-level competitor. Those sore, post-workout muscles will feel like they’re getting massaged after using this rub.
  • Anyone suffering from joint pain or arthiritis. This non-greasy, balmy cream can be applied anywhere and at anytime. It’s especially comforting for sore hands during cold nights.
  • Individuals suffering from muscle inflammation or other types of surface-level swelling. CBD is perfect at relaxing those constricted blood vessels.


  • Simple formula delivers huge results. Your body doesn’t need 20 different chemicals to heal itself. Give CBD and these other all-natural ingredients the space to work in your body and you’ll feel relief in no time.
  • The addition of Terpenes can’t be overstated enough. This buffet of cannabinoids, minerals and vitamins nourishes your endocannabinoid system. Boosting your body’s natural regenerative abilities.
  • Comes in two sizes so you can try it out or give it as a gift.
  • I swear this lavender is a bit different compared to other products. It smells just a bit fresher. Like it someone picked it straight from the forest and grinded the flower petals into this cream.
  • It does more than soothe pain. CBD and terpenes are absorbed through your skin and into your bloodstream. They begin stimulating your endocannabinoid system and promote a deeper kind of healing.


  • A little expensive compared to other creams. But you’re paying for the quality.
  • Only one smell for now. bioRemedies believes in providing CBD products that heal above all else. They perfect functionality before experimenting with different “flavors.”
bioRemedies CBD Oil

The Bottom Line

bioRemedies lavender CBD cream is a delectable treat for your senses and skin. It has a richness to it unlike other CBD creams. Your skin will feel warm, hydrated, and even a little tingly.
It’s perfect for soothing all kinds of pain or swelling. CBD wiggles deeper into your skin levels and takes care of even the deepest aches. It’ll even find it’s way into your bloodstream and heal your body from within.

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