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Avid Hemp CBD Oil for Pets Review [2020]

What does CBD do for pets? Should you choose Avid Hemp CBD Oil for Pets over the competition?

Avid Hemp CBD Oil for Pets – An Overview

Did you know humans and mammals have the same endocannabinoid system?

If you don’t know what that is, it’s kind of like the manager that oversees the body’s vital functions. From how many blood cells are produced to dopamine manufacturing, this system ensures that everything is working properly. And it needs cannabinoids like CBD to power the whole operation.

That means your pets rely on and react to CBD the same way as yourself. Giving them a low-quality CBD oil is like giving them low-quality medicine. Why do they deserve something that’s only 50% as effective. I don’t know about you but my dog is family. He doesn’t deserve half of my care or love.

Avid Hemp believes in the same. Which is why they released a CBD oil for Pets with the same high-quality oil as their human products. It’s extracted from the same high-quality hemp they’ve been growing for over 20 years. It goes through the same CO2 extraction process. It’s even tested at the same third-party labs.

You’ll need to divide the dose according to their weight. But other than that, these drops are the same as you would buy for yourself.

Reasons for Giving your Pet CBD

If you’re asking why your pet would need CBD then the answer is simple. For the same reason as you or anyone else!

Pets suffers from the same ailments as us. Sometimes they need help dealing with anxiety, pain, inflammation, stress and other conditions. CBD is an all-natural remedy that can heal your dog from within.

Just as an example, my dog suffers from severe anxiety. Even when I’m home he scratches, bites and whines endlessly. It’s a problematic behavior that’s had me worried for years. After trying everything, CBD is the only medicine that I still use. Within an hour his problematic behaviors nearly disappear and I have my chill pooch back.

Other studies have also shown that CBD is effective for reducing pain due to an injury or old age. Avid Hemp CBD Oil for pets can turn back the clock on your dog’s body. It’s also great for their joint health, eyesight, digestive system and a host of other functions.

Some things we 💚

  • People Quality CBD: It’s not the same as feeding your pet a filet mignon or barbequed salmon. They won’t thank you for the experience. But you can rest assured that your furry friend is receiving the best quality care.

  • Full-Spectrum CBD Oil: Avid Hemp CBD Oil for Pets contains a rich blend of CBD, terpenes, minerals and nutrients. On its own, CBD is still quite effective. But when paired with the compounds in hemp, it’s exponentially better. They all work together and add to their collective therapeutic powers.

  • Long-Term Effects: After a month of consistent dosing, the endocannabinoid system starts internalizing its changes. All the changes it causes stick around. So that means things like pain and anxiety are fought at the source of their cause.

  • Bacon Flavored: They might be a bit less reluctant to take their medicine.

Ingredient List

Fractionated Coconut Oil (MCT), Whole Plant Hemp Extract, Bacon Flavoring.

What does Avid Hemp Pet CBD Oil taste like?

I put my money where my mouth is – I tried it. It tastes alright. The bacon flavoring is definitely meant to blend in with their food as opposed to being a tasty treat they look forward to. I recommend dropping it on their food instead of trying to pry their mouths open.

Best Used For

  • Animals suffering from anxiety. Full-spectrum CBD is known to chill-out and relax the mind, body and spirit. Problematic behaviors like compulsive scratching, chewing, pacing, whining and hiding improve within an hour.

  • Foster pets, rescues or the newly adopted. When a cat or dog is first getting to know you and your house, they can have a bit of social anxiety. Usually it’s not a big deal and they’ll get out of their shell soon enough. But for animals that are especially timid, Avid Hemp CBD Oil for Pets can make them feel a bit more comfortable.

  • Older animals or ones that are dealing with an injury. If your furry friend has lost a bit of pep in their step, CBD oil could put a bit back. It soothes their pain and strengthens their joints.

  • Animals with any gastro-intestinal problems will experience short-term and long-term relief. Avid Hemp CBD Oil for Pets has some of the most effective anti-inflammatory properties. Even compared prescription drugs.

  • Any pets recovering from or in the middle of cancer treatment. Just like humans, the process can be painful and their appetite non-existent. A full-spectrum CBD oil can increase their appetite and make the process more tolerable.


  • A full-spectrum oil is shown to be more effective than CBD or hemp extract on its own.

  • It’s an affordable alternative to often expensive pharmaceutical medicine. You still need to talk to your vet before replacing any medicine they’re taking though.

  • Avid Hemp have been advocating for compassionate CBD use for over 20 years. They consistently provide a high-quality product that you can depend on.

  • They have 3 varieties of doses. 1000mg, 300mg and 150mg. For the biggest dogs to the smallest cats, Avid Hemp CBD Oil for Pets comes in the right size.


  • I wish they had more flavors. My cat is a picky eater and refused these drops. Even when they were put on her favorite food.

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The Bottom Line on Avid Hemp Pet CBD Oil

Avid Hemp CBD Oil for Pets is a wonderful addition to your pet’s wellbeing. Even if they’re not suffering from any specific ailment. A drop of CBD a day will maintain their health in the long-run. They’ll be more comfortable and have more energy entering old age.

And if they are suffering from a health problem, CBD is an all-natural alternative to the lab-created stuff. It promotes your pet’s natural healing abilities to treat the core problem. Pain isn’t just numbed away. Their endocannabinoid system actually fights what’s causing it.

Avid Hemp is a company you can trust. They have the reputation and pedigree to back up that faith. They’ve been in business for over 20 years so they’re obviously doing something right. You can use our discount code to get a bit of a discount too!

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