Nirvana CBD Vanilla Tincture

  • 0% THC
  • Made with MCT oil
  • Price for this product is comparable


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About Nirvana CBD Vanilla Tincture

Nirvana CBD Vanilla Tincture is a candy-like transition from run-of-the-mill hemp flavored CBD oil.  Nirvana CBD is a trusted and transparent company that farms its hemp from Colorado and Oregon. The hemp is then sent to California where it is manufactured via C02 extraction because of its cleaner method of removing THC and pesticides. It is run by two friends who have built up a team made of family and friends to create a thorough brand. The brand bases its mission on providing alternative therapies for people looking to replace or reduce pharmaceutical options. They believe that everyone should have an opportunity to try a more natural solution.

Nirvana CBD is focused on honest core value. The focus helps them to provide relaxation as well as relief. When in search of good products, the dedication and humane mission is often the core of why the business makes the right decisions.

Best Used For

Nirvana CBD Vanilla Tincture is best used for people who are not very fond of “natural” or “hemp flavored” tinctures. Tinctures also have measured droppers that make it easier to dose the exact amount that is right for you. You can always get a larger quality if you prefer a larger dose. This particular product comes in both a 500mg and 1000mg bottle and both hold 30ml of the product total. This product comes in strawberry, grapefruit, vanilla, and watermelon. The other ingredients are MCT oil and “natural-based flavoring” which could mean anything and is likely non-vegan because they don’t specify that it is vegan. Ailments you can use this for are:

  • Moderate pain
  • Relaxation from stress


The Bottom Line

Nirvana CBD is a company that has a mission of helping others and changing the CBD business. They are using the right methods, following the suggested third party lab results, and being honest about the farms they deal with.  They truly believe in the pursuit to teach others the difference between full-spectrum and broad-spectrum oils. The possible effects that a CBD user could experience due to weight, individual chemistry, and concentration of CBD are what drives Nirvana CBD to do thorough and comprehensive research.


  • The candy-like flavor is better tasting than more CBD oils
  • Gmo-free and California manufactured


  • They do not carry again vegan options

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