Nirvana CBD Gummies – 500mg

  • Made with 0% THC and broad-spectrum oil
  • A large dose of 25mg per gummy, the largest size from any company
  • Flavors are a mixed variety


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About Nirvana CBD Gummies

Nirvana CBD is a team of family members that work together to provide a pure alternative to the common therapies available. Every single one of their products goes through an extraction process that removes 100% of the THC. This is perfect for people who are worried about being drug tested because no matter how much you take you won’t have any THC in your system. Nirvana CBD gummies are one of their star products. Each gummy is a whopping 25mg of CBD, providing a relief that most other small dosed gummies can’t compete with.

Nirvana CBD buys hemp from farms in Colorado and Oregon and then is transported to California for manufacture. Their company is very transparent with their process and their mission. They have 30-day customer satisfaction guarantee if you return the unused portion of the product.

Best Used For

Nirvana CBD gummies are great for first-time users because of all the different available sizes available. The largest container is 500mg jar with 20 gummies each. The flavors are a mix, so you never get bored of the same flavor! The flavors include pineapple, grape, green apple, mixed berries, and watermelon.  The single pack they also offer is perfect for travel or going out. The ingredients do include light corn syrup, but that is the worst item on the list. All their products are GMO-free and 0% THC free but not vegan. For people who have been disappointed with the effect of CBD gummies with only 5mg to 10mg, this is a better alternative. These gummies are best used for:

  • Anxiety and uneasiness
  • Bothersomestress

The Bottom Line

Nirvana CBD gummies prove themselves to be an honest company with good tastes in mind. The mission to make these gummies easy to take, discrete, and effective at a 25mg doses is shown in the way they conduct their business. The use of C02 extraction and a lab test is an important step in Nirvana CBD’s process to make sure that the product is clean and safe to use. This company says that they ship anywhere in the United States, therefore Alaska and Hawaii are also covered. If you are in search of a straightforward CBD business and a clean and well-made product, Max and Steven’s CBD drops are a fantastic choice. AS a result of their dedication to their craft, they have found a space in the CBD industry.


  • Nirvana’s pricing is very reasonable
  • Gummies come in a single pack for travel


  • Gummies contain light corn syrup

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