Max CBD Wellness 0% THC 1000mg Isolate CBD Oil

  • Made with high-quality 0% THC CBD Isolate
  • Fully organic and pure
  • Made with CBD oil, not hemp seed


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About Max CBD’s 0% THC 1000mg Isolate CBD Oil

This 0% THC 1000mg Isolate CBD Oil is the only THC free oil they provide. It is made from pure ingredients and is 100% organic and GMO-free. In a 30ml bottle, you 1000mg of CBD. In 1ml of the tincture. you get 33mg of CBD, which is enough to feel the effects. The product is known to help with anxiety, stress, pain, and inflammation. Most products help with one or two of those ailments, but this tincture as the potential to help with all of them.

This oil is safe to use if you are concerned about passing a drug test because the THC has been completely extracted prior to bottling. You must shake the bottle prior to taking, because of the natural ingredients. they tend to settle at the bottom. For dosage, you can take one to three drops per day depending on your condition. Max CBD offers expert consultation if you need help dosing or picking the right product.

Best Used For

This 0% THC oil is best used for people looking for a treatment that helps with stress, inflammation, and pain. This all-natural formula is full of Omega-3, 6, and 9 and other potent nutrients that help the body. What is special about CBD isolate is that it is completely pure with no added elements. The oil is pure CBD oil because hemp seed oil does not give you the same effects. Hemp oil is more like an essential oil that has no research pointing toward it having any effects besides anecdotal. For those looking to stay on top of their vitamin intake, these are a great addition to your daily dose. These capsules are great for:

  • People concerned with passing a drug test, as these have 0% THC
  • Those who prefer organic oil with no additives
  • ¬†Relieving anxiety and stress
  • Alleviating pain and inflammation

The Bottom Line

Max CBD 0% THC is a perfect choice for those sensitive to THC but still want to try CBD. The bottle that it comes in is the perfect size for a new user and has an easy to use a dropper. The tinctures are tasteless and you can put them in your coffee or tea if you prefer. The CBD oil used in this product has much more all-natural ingredients than the average hemp seed oil.


  • 0% THC, so you cannot fail a drug test no matter how much you take
  • Inability to ever get you “high”
  • Purest CBD isolate on the market


  • The product is completely natural, so you need to remember to shake it before taking every time
  • It doesn’t come in any flavors

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