Avid Hemp CBD Chill Gel

  • 1 oz bottle of CBD Chill Gel
  • 6.25 mg of CBD per ml
  • 50 mg of CBD per bottle
  • Tested by Independent Labs


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Avid Hemp Chill Gel Review [2020]

So it’s like IcyHot but with CBD? How does that work and should you buy it? Coming up, Avid Hemp Chill Gel, the full review.

Avid Hemp is considered one of the most forward thinking and activist-centered CBD companies. Their pedigree speaks for itself. For over 20 years, Avid Hemp’s founders have been passionately advocating for the research and development of CBD. Even before it was made federally legal in 2018! They use the same hemp farmers as when they first got started, fostering an intimate relationship and developing the most innovative cultivation strategies.

All that context is to say – Avid Hemp produces some of the best quality CBD and are morally invested providing it to people like you.

Avid Hemp’s CBD Chill Gel is soothing topical that penetrates your skin and provides instant pain relief. It’s like super-powered Icy Hot. Their non-greasy formula is perfect in all climates and especially useful on your joint areas – like feet, wrists, elbows, knees, and shoulders.

With 100mg of full-spectrum CBD oil, Avid Hemp promises that your aches, pains and spasms will disappear. And since it absorbs into your bloodstream, the CBD oil reaches your endocannabinoid system and promotes your body’s natural healing abilities.

Avid Hemp 50mg High-End CBD Chill Gel is a soothing, rich, luxurious gel designed to be penetrating and readily absorbed.

CBD offers a more natural way to lower pain. A study published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine found that CBD significantly reduced chronic inflammation and pain in Human.

Avid Hemp CBD Pain Gel Formulated with a natural agent that creates a cooling sensation upon contact, our moisturizing gel has been crafted to deliver unparalleled absorption in an extra strength formula for sore muscles, joint pain, skin conditions etc.

Some things we 💚

  • Full-Spectrum CBD Oil: The usual process of extracting CBD eliminates all the nutrients, terpenes and cannabinoids that are also found in the hemp plant. Research shows that, together, all these compounds work together and amplify eachother. The end-result is a more effective, faster acting, and longer lasting pain relief.

  • Not Just CBD: Natural ingredients like aloe and essential tea tree oil rehydrate your skin and retain its natural oils. So whether your skin is only a little dry or cracked and in need of repair, Avid Hemp’s Chill Gel is the perfect addition to your skincare routine.

  • Fast Acting: Avid Hemp has a signature formula that encourages quick absorption. I don’t know how they did it, but pain relief is measured in minutes, not hours.

  • All-Natural, All-Organic: Avid Hemp has been in the business of CBD for over 2 decades. They have the most experience out of any company sourcing ingredients and finding suppliers that align with their vision. They got into this business to get away from manufactured pharmaceuticals. And they’ve applied that philosophy to every little detail in their products.

  • Chill to the Touch: Strange choice of name. It’s actually really, really warm to the touch. I’m just kidding. Avid Hemp’s Chill Gel feels like the first snow of the year concentrated in a cream. It’s cool enough to numb the pain, but not too intense as to give you frost-bite.

Serving Size:

Each 30ml/1oz bottle contains 50mg of CBD

Measured Dosage: Each pump dispenses 1ml of lotion containing 5mg of CBD

Size: 1 oz

Oil Ingredients:
CBD, Coconut oil, Menthol, Lavender Oil, Aqua, Isopropyl Alcohol, Carbomer, Triethanolamine, Camphor, Ethylhexylglycerin, Ilex paraguariensis, Melaleuca alternifolia Essential Oil( tea tree oil), Tocopheryl acetate, Organic Aloe vera, Organic Arnica, Phenoxyethanol.

All-Natural Organic Ingredients.

Isopropyl Alcohol, Carbomer, Triethanolamine, Camphor, Ethylhexylglycerin, Ilex Paraguariensis, Melaleuca Alternifolia Essential Oil (tea tree oil), Tocopheryl Acetate, Organic Aloe Vera, Organic Arnica, Phenoxyethanol, Whole Plant Hemp Extract.

What does Avid Hemps’ Chill Gel Smell Like.

The smell isn’t too strong so you don’t have to worry about it lingering on your skin all day. If you stick your nose in the tin, it smells like a blizzard over the ocean. But once it’s applied, any smells only hang around for 30-60 minutes before being completely absorbed.

Best Used For

  • From casual gym goers to professional athletes. If you’ve ever felt the burning sensation of lactic acid bubbling after a long work-out, this cream is perfect. If you don’t have access to a warm sauna to relax your muscled, this is the next best thing.

  • This stuff was specially designed for arthiritis and joint pain. Whether you have a mild case or a pain that prevents you from living life to the fullest, this CBD cream can be your answer.

  • Anyone suffering from surface level pain or inflammation will love this cream as well. I like to use it when I feel bloated after eating a bit too many grains. It reduces all kinds of swelling and let’s you get back to feeling normal.


  • Simple Formula. Big Results: You don’t need 15 chemicals and an unpronounceable main ingredient for your pain relief. Avid Hemp Chill Gel is only made up of CBD other all-natural ingredients. Give it a chance and you’ll never go back to the other OTC stuff.

  • Terpenes, Minerals, Nutrients and Vitamins: I can’t stress enough how much better CBD works when it’s paired with it’s family. The science is still out on exactly how they amplify eachother, but you’ll feel the difference.

  • Sutainable, Organic Hemp Farming: Avid Hemp has been working closely with hemp farmers throughout Florida and Colorado for decades. They’ve grown together and share the same vision for CBD and the future of the hemp industry. They believe in returning to nature for our collective needs. So they take special care in respecting the Earth and only using sustainable farming methods free of pesticides.

  • Colder than the Competitions: If you’ve relied on Icy Hot or any other of those OTC cool creams, you can throw them away. Even cold has flavors and Avid Hemp’s Cool Gel is the royal-chocolate-cheesecake of cold.

  • Dedicated to Quality: With 20 years under their belt, Avid Hemp has a head start on perfecting their process. The CBD industry is still so new, to find the highest quality hemp requires trial and error. They’re the closest thing to CBD perfection.

  • Mission. Values. Ethics: Avid Hemp are pioneers in the CBD industry. They literally led the charge for it’s legalization and advocated for its medicinal potential. So while they are a business, profits were never the main factor.


  • I personally wish it came with a higher CBD dosage option. But 100mg is perfectly fine for 99% of people.

  • More size options would be nice. I would personally love to have a miniature jar that I could easily forget about in my pocket.

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The Bottom Line

Avid Hemp is one of the oldest CBD companies around. They’ve had plenty of company through the years, but there’s a reason they’re thge only ones that have survived this long.

They are legends in the CBD space and they have a reputation to uphold. Their CBD Chill Gel is unlike any other cream on the market. Other companies may feel similar, they may even copy their formula exactly. But Avid Hemp has had 20 years to get everything just right. Your skin and body will feel the difference.

This is a premium-quality CBD cream at a price that anyone can afford. So whether you’re new to CBD or a seasoned expert, Avid Hemp’s Chill Gel is definitely worth switching to.

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