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  • Highly-concentrated CBD
  • Sativa terpenes wake you up
  • Peppermint covers up that CBD taste well.


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bioRemedies addCBD Sativa Peppermint Review [Updated for 2020]

Not your average CBD oil. bioRemedies’ addCBD line of products could be a game-changer. 

bioRemedies addCBD Just CBD Sativa Review

bioRemedies is back with another full-spectrum CBD oil! But this time they’ve added a little explosion of crispy freshness.

Their brand new addCBD Sativa now has a dash of peppermint added to it. This kick to your taste-buds will start your day on the right track.

This tincture contains one of the highest concentrations of CBD ever released on the market. At 500mg per 10ml, every drop is packed with the purest, high-quality CBD available. And that isn’t just a bullet point in a marketing campaign.

bioRemedies has a reputation for running their operation like a pharmaceutical company. They obsess over every variable in the manufacturing process in order to create medicinal quality CBD. They believe that CBD should be treated with respect for it’s powerful therapeutic capabilities.

That means every component of this CBD oil is thoughtfully designed (by a team of scientist’s from the University of Maryland). This full-spectrum oil is rich with terpenes, cannabinoids, minerals and nutrients that harmonize with one-another. The result is a boost to CBD’s already powerful therapeutic effects.

Inflammation. Pain. Anxiety. Muscle soreness. bioRemedies’ addCBD is a super effective, all-natural, alternative medicine. You’ll see improvements with those symptoms almost immediately. Taken long-term, those effects become more permanent as CBD oil heals your body’s biology.

This is the perfect supplement to start your morning. bioRemedies created a proprietary blend of sativa terpenes inspired by the effects of sativa cannabis. Don’t worry though! It does not get you high. There are only trace amounts of THC, all below FDA regulation. The result is a brain boosting, energizing feeling that heightens your alertness.

You have to try this cup of coffee on steroids. Heck, replace your cup of coffee entirely. CBD oil is healthier over the long-term.

Some things we 💚

  • Full-Spectrum CBD oil: Full-spectrum CBD oil is more effective than CBD by itself. The compounds that make up hemp/cannabis all work together to boost each others’ healing powers.

  • Energizing Blend: Cannabis sativa is known for it’s energy boosting and creativity inspiring effects. While this oil doesn’t get you “high,” those sativa terpenes still pack a punch. You’ll feel more alert and ready to take on the day.

  • Next-Level Quality: bioRemedies’ mission is to provide the highest quality CBD. Full-stop. They don’t mess with CBD infused gimmicks when there’s room for improving the basics. That’s how they invented the highest concentrated CBD oil.

  • Over-Engineered Efficiency: All CBD oil contains hemp-oil. It’s what gives it form and holds things together. It’s completely harmless, but devoid of any health benefits. bioRemedies thought that was kind of a waste.

    Enter MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) oil. Their team of scientists found a way to replace hemp-oil with this one. It’s structurally the same, but it boosts long-term improvements in cognition and metabolism.

  • The Best Third-Party Testing: Other companies use newer third party labs that only test CBD or cannabis. As such, they don’t face the same regulation or public scrutiny. This can lead to a whole bunch of accountability and transparency issues that can “affect” test results.

    bioRemedies uses an established third party lab that’s earned a reputation in the pharmaceutical world. That lab tests all sorts of drugs and works under extensive oversight. That makes them a bit more trustworthy.

  • Quality Standards: Most CBD companies only test once at the end, then ship out their product. bioRemedies has quality checks throughout their entire manufacturing process. They have a renowned pharmacologist with a background in toxicology running dozens of tests on a single item.

What’s in it?

Ingredients: MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) oil, full-spectrum cannabidiol, proprietary terpene blend (sativa), peppermint essential oil (mentha x piperita).

What does this addCBD Pepperming Sativa taste like?

Summarized in a word… Pepperminty. I mean it tastes like a nice refreshing mint. That essential oil does a good enough job at covering up that “nature” taste. I’d still recommend taking it with food though.

Best Used For

  • Anxiety: This special blend of sativa style terpenes is particularly perfect for anxiety when combined with CBD. CBD on it’s own tends to promote feelings of well-being and calm but could also be a little “too relaxing” for some. If you’ve ever felt a little sleepy after trying CBD, definitely give this sativa blend a chance.

  • Chronic Pain: CBD is great for pain on it’s own but those terpenes just kick it up a notch. Their synergy together just alleviates pain on a “deeper” level. If CBD and pain killers numb the pain, then CBD with these terpenes are like putting an ice-pack on your nervous system.

  • Inflammation: Sending another shoutout to terpenes! But this time I have to include those MCT fatty acids. All together with CBD this oil reduces inflammation on a whole ‘nother’ biological level. Traditional anti-inflammatory drugs send signals to redirect blood flow away from the inflammed areas. This oil not only does the same, but all three of these ingredients support your body’s regenerative abilities.

  • Early Mornings: Even if you’re in perfect physical health, I’d recommend this stuff over a cup of coffee. It doesn’t make you feel jittery or overly-wired. Those sativa terpenes are a fantastic way to start your day.


  • Full-Spectrum CBD oil has been proven to be more effective than CBD on its own.

  • Market leading CBD concentration means you get more with less.

  • Those sativa terpenes are like rocket fuel.

  • Highest-quality ingredients. Highest-quality standards.

  • Compassionately created by scientists for the sole purpose of helping people.

  • Refreshing peppermint is really cool. Hah! See what I did there?


  • Can be pricey at first glance. But because of the high concentrations, you’re consuming much less oil. Per dose, it’s about even to the average market price.

  • Not recommended for nighttime use means that you’ll need a second CBD oil. Their addCBD with Indica is perfect for bedtime.

  • Contains trace amounts of THC. Nowhere near enough to get you “high.” But it could still be a concern for some.

bioRemedies CBD Oil

The Bottom Line

Consider yourself lucky to know about bioRemedies. In lieu of marketing, they invest most of their time and money into product development. And that’s fantastic and all… But so many people will never experience what the very best CBD feels like.

They may not be the most “fun” company around. In fact this CBD oil with peppermint is one of their most exotic products. But if you’re serious about CBD and how it can positively affect your life, bioRemedies is your brand.

And their addCBD Sativa with Peppermint is a great representation of what they stand for. This is the highest-quality, most concentrated CBD oil you can find. It’s packed with full-spectrum goodness to give you the relief you need. It quickly takes care of all your pain, inflammation, anxiety, and soreness. While rejuvenating your body from the inside, naturally.

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