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  • Highest concentration of CBD on the market.
  • Third-party lab tested, and rigorous quality assurance.
  • A commitment to pure ingredients.


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bioRemedies addCBD Just CBD – Sativa Review [Updated for 2020]

Not your average CBD oil. bioRemedies’ addCBD line of products have some unique featuress that make a world of difference.

bioRemedies addCBD Just CBD Sativa Review

I couldn’t be more excited to try out bioRemedies and dive into their products. They’re an unknown brand, but they’re one of the few companies that truly believe in the medicinal potential of CBD. And it’s not just a flowery mission statement for marketing. From top to bottom, bioRemedies runs their business like a pharmaceutical company.
It’s such a breath of fresh air amongst all these other companies that look more like mall kiosks.
Their latest offering – “addCBD Just CBD – Sativa” – perfectly encapsulates their CBD philosophy. For one, it contains the most concentrated amount of CBD on the market. At 500mg per 10ml of liquid, they believe that empty space is s waste. It should be used to maximize the medicinal effectiveness of CBD instead.
Cue exhibit -B. They go the extra mile and remove the hemp-oil that’s extracted along with CBD. I’ve never heard of a manufacturer doing this, so why did bioRemedies?
They found that hemp-oil, while not dangerous, doesn’t actually provide many medicinal benefits. It’s wasted space. So they replaced it with MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) oil. It has the same consistency as hemp-oil and is functionally identical. But research shows that it promotes long-lasting improvements in cognition and metabolism.
The final things I want to rave about is their proprietary blend of terpenes that they infuse along with all the naturally-occuring ones. Their sativa blend is designed to kick start your day and work in harmony with all the other compounds.
Everything in this full-spectrum oil has a purpose and works together. This is CBD unlike you’ve ever tried before.

Some things we 💚

  • Full-Spectrum CBD oil: CBD is more effective when paired up with its relatives. A full-spectrum oil gets the entire family involved, thus increasing the medicinal effectiveness of them all.
  • Energizing Blend: Cannabis sativa is known to boost energy and stimulate creativity. And with sativa-like terpenes, this CBD oil gives you traces of those effects. Keyword here is traces. It doesn’t get you “high,” but it’ll certainly wake you up.
  • Attention to Detail: bioRemedies thinks of everything. Their MCT oil and Sativa terpene blend are such unnecessary touches to a fantastic CBD oil. But bioRemedies strives to go above and beyond.
  • A Different Kind of Third-Party Testing: bioRemedies uses a third party lab with a reputation in the pharmaceutical world. They also test twice in their own laboratory. All these results can be found on their website
  • Quality Standards: bioRemedies’ entire manufacturing process is overseen by a distinguished pharmacologist with a specialized toxicology background. They’re constantly monitoring for solvents and contaminants to make their final product as pure as possible.

High Quality, Thoughtful Ingredients.

MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) oil, cannabidiol (CBD) isolate, proprietary terpene blend (sativa)
MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) oil is a form of saturated fatty acid. It provides a number of health benefits such as long-lasting, improved cognition, increased energy metabolism, weight management, and increased satiety.
Terpenes are cannabinoid-like compounds that give both hemp and marijuana their distinct aromas. They also provide some therapeutic effects.

What does this addCBD Just CBD Sativa taste like?

Well there’s no mistaking it for an ice-cream sundae that’s for sure! This is a concentrated punch of CBD, terpenes and fatty acids so you better have a spoonful of sugar to make this medicine go down.

For those that are especially sensitive to the earthy bitterness of this oil, you always have the option of dropping your dose onto some food. Since this “addCBD Just CBD Sativa” is recommended in the morning, I’ve found that my pre-workout protein shake is the perfect conduit to absorb the taste. Any other type of smoothie would be a great option as well.

Best Used For

  • Anxiety: This special blend of sativa style terpenes is particularly perfect for anxiety when combined with CBD. CBD on it’s own tends to promote feelings of well-being and calm, but could also be a little “too relaxing” for some. If you’ve ever felt a little sleepy after trying CBD, definitely give this sativa blend a chance.

  • Chronic Pain: CBD is great for pain on it’s own but those terpenes just kick it up a notch. Their synergy together just alleviates pain on a “deeper” level. If CBD and pain killers numb the pain, then CBD with these terpenes are like putting an ice-pack on your nervous system.

  • Inflammation: Sending another shoutout to terpenes! But this time I have to include those MCT fatty acids. All together with CBD this oil reduces inflammation on a whole ‘nother’ biological level. Traditional anti-inflammatory drugs send signals to redirect blood flow away from the inflammed areas. This oil not only does the same, but all three of these ingredients support your body’s natural regenerative abilities. They help treat the core of what’s causing your discomfort.


  • Full-Spectrum CBD oil has been proven to be more effective than CBD on its own.

  • Of the full-spectrum oils on the market, bioRemedies has designed a formula that is much more effective than most. The care they put into their terpene blend and the MCT oil reintroduced with CBD makes a world of difference.

  • Highly concentrated CBD oil means that you need less to get more. Unlike other tinctures, 500mg of this formula will go a long way and last much longer.

  • You’ll be excited to take this in the morning. Combined with a cup of coffee, your mind, body and soul feel ready to take on the day.

  • You can rest assure in the quality and consistency of bioRemedies’ products. If you find a CBD product that you like and works for you, then you can depend on them to deliver the exact same formula into the future.


  • Tinctures can be a bit pricey at first glance. But since their oil is so concentrated, you’re actually spending about the same or less compared to other companies.

  • Not recommended for nighttime use means that you’ll probably need a separate CBD oil. They do have an amazing addCBD Just CBD Indica option that’s perfect for lulling you to sleep.

  • Contains trace amounts of THC. Nowhere near enough to ever get you “high” but it could still be a concern for some.

bioRemedies CBD Oil

The Bottom Line

Sure, CBD infused IPAs and scented candles are great and are definitely worth trying. But if you need a no-nonsense, dependable company that delivers medical-grade CBD, then bioRemedies should be your first, second and third choice.

There just aren’t that many companies like them. When CBD manufacturers prioritize profit over everything else, it’s just not possible for them to provide this level of quality CBD. And that’s good enough for most people!

But bioRemedies sacrifices profit margins for things like growing their own industrial hemp, hiring with some of the best scientists in the field, performing CBD research with the University, and so many other touches. Think of them as a team of researchers performing ground-breaking CBD studies and they just so happen to offer the CBD that they use in their experiments to you.

So, if you need a CBD oil (especially for pain, inflammation or anxiety) that’s energizing, economical and filled with variety of ingredients that elevate CBD’s properties, then bioRemedies’ addCBD Just CBD Sativa is the perfect option. I’m hard-pressed to find any other manufacurer that delivers anything even close to this tincture.

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