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bio Remedies addCBD Just CBD Indica [2020 Review]

Could this be one of the best full-spectrum CBD oils on the market? bioRemedies’ addCBD – Indica sounds impressive on paper, but can it live up to the hype?

An Overview of bioRemedies’ addCBD Just CBD with Indica.

We have an in-depth brand review here, but to give you the broad strokes – bioRemedies is unlike any other CBD company out there.
They believe in the medicinal powers of CBD and it’s potential to change lives. I know, I know. Every other company says the same thing. But bioRemedies actually walks the walk.
You can see that vision in fruition with their “addCBD JustCBD – Indica” offering.
This full-spectrum CBD oil is thoughtfully designed to from bottom to top. For one, they’ve developed the most concentrated CBD oil on the market. At 500mg of CBD per 10ml, this tincture of oil packs a punch with every single drop.
That punch also contains a proprietary blend of indica flavored terpenes. This is an outside source of terpenes specially chosen to work in harmony with the other compounds. These bad boys elicit that feeling of deep relaxation that wraps your body like a warm blanket.
Did I mention they also completely revamped the very foundation of CBD oil? Hemp-oil puts the oil in “CBD oil.” But bioRemedies believed they could engineer something better. So they took the hemp-oil out and replaced it with MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) oil. This oil that has the same consistency as hemp-oil, but with way more health benefits – like long-term improvements to your cognition and metabolism.

Some things we 💚 about bioRemedies addCBD Just CBD Indica

  • A Different Kind of Third-Party Testing: bioRemedies uses a third party lab established in the pharmaceutical industry. Many CBD companies use newer labs that sprung up in response to legalization.

    Those labs don’t have the same weight of responsibility. Often they’ll allow unlimited retests and have “wiggle room” in their testing procedures. By using a well-known lab, bioRemedies makes their testing more transparent.

  • Soothing Terpene Blend: Indica-type cannabis is known for it’s sedating and soothing effects. This special blend of terpenes captures the essence of those effects. Without getting you high.
  • Attention to Detail: bioRemedies doesn’t import their industrial-hemp. They grow it themselves. That’s because they want to be in control of every single stage of the manufacturing process. Those dizzying concentration levels, terpene additions, and MCT infusions are all examples of their obsession with chasing perfection.
  • Full-Spectrum CBD Oil: A full-spectrum oil is exponentially more effective than CBD alone. All these terpenes, minerals and nutrients work with CBD to boost its powers. They even provide some of their own novel therapeutic effects.
  • Quality Standards: bioRemedies triples checks their products for all sorts of contaminants. Their pharmacologist is obsessed with purity.

High Quality, Thoughtful Ingredients.

MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) oil, cannabidiol (CBD) isolate, proprietary terpene blend (indica)
MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) oil is a form of saturated fatty acid. It provides a number of health benefits such as long-lasting, improved cognition, increased energy metabolism, weight management, and increased satiety.
Terpenes are cannabinoid-like compounds that give both hemp and marijuana their distinct aromas. They also provide some therapeutic effects.

What does bioRemedies addCBD Just CBD Indica taste like?

It’s definitely tolerable… But that’s the extent of praise I’m willing to give. At the end of the day it’s a medicine. In a perfect world all of our medications would come in Flinstone gummy form. Until then, try taking it with food or a spoonful of sugar.

Best Used For

  • Chronic Pain: We all know that CBD is great for pain. But when combined with those terpenes, the relief is on another level. It’s tough to explain. But where other pain-killers numb the pain, this CBD oil feels like it targets the root cause and removes it.
  • Inflammation: CBD, terpenes and MCT all have anti-inflammatory properties on their own. But combined together and this might as well be a prescription medication. These full-spectrum oils can do more than reduce swelling. They’re being investigated for use in more serious conditions, like gastro-intestinal disorders.
  • Sleep Problems: The sedating effects of these indica terpenes can replace all your sleeping pills. They don’t knock you unconscious like a prescription pill. Instead they gently rock you back and forth and gently sing a lullaby in your ear.


  • Full-Spectrum CBD oil is proven to be more effective than CBD on its own and promote a host of health benefits.

  • MCT and indica terpenes are incredible touches to an already perfect CBD oil.

  • Since it’s so highly concentrated, you don’t need to use as much to get the same effects. 500mg of this formula will go a long way and last longer than other tinctures.

  • You can rely on bioRemedies’ consistency and high-quality – this is a brand you can be loyal to. They won’t radically change their formulas and leave you feeling like you’re experimenting with a whole new medication.


  • The prices are a bit higher than others. But because of their concentrations, you’re actually getting more bang for your buck. You just have to invest in it upfront.

  • Because of its sedating effects you’ll probably need a separate CBD oil for daytime uses (like their sativa version).

  • Contains trace amounts of THC. Nowhere near enough to ever get you “high,” but it could still be a concern for some.

bioRemedies CBD Oil

The Bottom Line

bioRemedies addCBD Just CBD – Indica is a medicinal-grade CBD oil for people that want to use it as… well, medicine. They believe in treating CBD with respect and cater their business for others that feel the same.

This company believes in offering a no-nonsense, prescription-quality CBD product. And this addCBD Just CBD – Indica can’t be recommended enough. bioRemedies have set the standard for CBD oil with this tincture.

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