Can CBD help with COVID-19


Can CBD help with COVID-19?

CBD is now being targeted by snake oil salesman as a cure for our latest virus, COVID-19. Can CBD help with COVID-19?  History has repeated itself again with a worldwide pandemic triggering the sale of false cures. Every time a new pandemic appears, seedy profiteers abuse the latest natural medicines for monetary gain.

Due to the popularity of CBD in recent years, it is no surprise that con-men would attempt to steal the CBD spotlight. CBD can be effective, but these sellers are using hemp-based oils which lack the terpenes and other cannabinoids necessary for the “entourage effect”. CBD isn’t the only industry under attack. Companies who sell other products like air purifiers and herb supplements are falsely claiming they can relieve the COVID-19 because the opportunity to part people and their money is always easy when fear is involved.

Companies have become desperate to sell products such as air purifiers and herb supplements specifically to prevent the COVID-19. These claims have no basis in science and most of these companies have no research to back it up. In a time of fear and uncertainty, it is easy to swindle people into purchasing false cures to give peace of mind.

CBD and snake oil

The minute that CBD came out, many businesses started with low-quality oils that had barely any CBD in them.  Celebrities and people of interest used this time to come out with their own “self-tested” CBD, using their fame to capture customers’ trust. This has made finding an honest company to purchase CBD from difficult. Here are a few tips to help new CBD users find the right company:

  • Check to see if the companies website offer third-party testing for each of their products. A link to the test for each product should be on the product page. Also, look to see if there is a separate page in the menu that details how they test their products. It should be an easy and simple way to access information.
  • Do your research on the common terms used to describe the ingredients used in the CBD. If you are not concerned about drug tests, choosing a CBD that has a high CBD: THC ratio could possibly provide better results than CBD that has the THC taken completely out.
  • Use third-party review sites to get unbiased opinions from verified customers who have tried that brand before.

The fear-mongering from the mass media has made the public frantic for any cure. There are companies out there attempting to do the right thing because they believe in the healing power of CBD, but we have to keep researching. When the public demands third-party testing and vegan ingredients, the market will give the public just that.

CBD and COVID-19 Research and Data

Can CBD help with COVID-19? Despite the research that is ongoing since CBD has been found to provide relief for various ailments, there is no solid proof that it has any negative or positive effects in relation to COVID-19. There are, however, some research that suggests that it is good for some of the ailments that come with infection. A small study by Allan Frankel, MD on 10 asthmatic patients resulted in increased bronchodilation, which is easier breathing. This effect continued even after some patients discontinued their prescribed asthma medication. CBD is also known for its anxiety-reducing effects, therefore that is considered to be of benefit.

Project CBD, a non-profit leading the research into the medical applications of CBD have been looking into how CBD affects the bodies’ anti-inflammatory responses. Martin A. Lee, the director of Project CBD says “Potential is the keyword here because the research in this area is pre-clinical”. As usual, the lack of legitimate research is the ultimate issue.  Following other tactics, such as cleaning your hands often, social distancing, and refraining from alcohol and smoking may assist in maintaining health during the pandemic.

The Future of Health and Wellness

For now, it unclear how monumental CBD will be in future cures and preventative measures. The responsibility lies in the public and these cannabis-based businesses. The public will continue to ask if CBD can help with COVID-19. Predatory businesses will still try to convenience that public that there is a link, but without scientific proof. What can’t be stopped is organizations striving to do the proper research. They provide unbiased education to inform the public and get the real answers. For now, stay open-minded but question everything you hear, the truth will always come out.